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Never let a soul on this earth make you feel like you are not enough.

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Your weight does not define your worth.

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Me Time

Designer: Brumby Sunstate

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Following the success of Jessica Sanders' debut picture book Love Your Body, Me Time delves further into the world of self care and self acceptance, for women of all ages.

Self-care. It's not just about 'treating yourself' to luxury for a moment in time. Self-care and self-love are far more than that, and Me Time helps to make caring for mind and body an everyday practice.

Self-care isn't selfish care. It's not just massages, bubbles baths and candles. Me Time reframes self-care from being time-grabs of self-indulgence. It presents self-care as a stabilising mindset and an ongoing practice that enriches your life and the lives of those around you.

With its friendly and readable tone, this book is your wise, sensible friend with all the insights, facts, inspiring quotes, wisdom and ideas to get you reflecting on your self-care. It explores unique ways to care for our physical, mental, spiritual and future selves.

Magnificently illustrated, with positive affirmations and covetable art style and design throughout.