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Paint Your Own Cookie

Designer: Dough Re Mi

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Create something special for Dad for this years Mother’s  day. Or even better create it with Dad! 

An extra bag is sent with the cookie so you can paint and create and then re bag it for gifting! Perfecto! 

Or even better - you can get have it as a Fathers Day creative activity! 

 Make your selection and your kit comes with the large cookie (of course) a paint palette and a paintbrush. 

INGREDIENTS - Butter, Flour, Egg, Sugar, Fondant, Cornflour ,Vanilla and food colouring.

Consumption may cause addiction, delirium and feelings of intense satisfaction. Best eaten with friends and other cookie monsters. But seriously, our yummy treats are created in a kitchen that also makes goodies that contain peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, gluten and milk, so despite our best efforts all our products may contain traces of these ingredients.