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The World Awaits by Tomos Roberts

Designer: Pink Velvet

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'All the things that make life wonderful, all the colours, sounds and tastes
Begin to lose a touch of magic when your goodness goes to waste.'

We all have within us 'potential', an amount of positivity and goodness that we could add to the world if we only try.

But what if we don’t try? What if it all seems too much and we just feel like staying in bed?

As one little boy lies in bed one morning, not wanting to face the day, it's up to his older brother to show him the extraordinary potential within him and how even the smallest of his actions will make the world a better place...

Tomos Roberts' sparkling new picture book is a manifesto for our time - urging us all to come together to build a brighter future, one small step at a time.

  • Number of Pages: 32 pages
  • Book Cover: Paper back
  • Illustrated by Nomoco