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Unicorny Forever!

Designer: Brumby Sunstate

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Push and pop sensory story books for read aloud fun!

From rapping sharks and pooping dinosaurs to funny unicorns and hungry bears, there's an innovative silicone 'Push and Pop fidget popper for little hands to push, pop and explore on each page as each funny rhyming story is read aloud.

Perfect for interactive reading fun, the bubble pattern on the animals silicone 'Push and Pop' 'tummies' can be pushed and popped again and again for hours of sensory play. These tactile books offer a fun reading experience for young readers, and aid development of concentration and focus through the soothing and calming effect of playing with the 'Push and Pop' fidget toy.

The 'Push and Pop' fidget popper and funny illustrations in each book are perfect for sensory story time fun and for reducing stress and anxiety through focussed play.